Iceland 2022

Independent Journey to Iceland February 01- April 30 & September 01- November 30, 2022


Optional excursions by Kompas

Golden Circle tour including Fridheimar tomato farm visit (duration circa 9 hrs)

This classic tour combines natural and historical wonders, taking you to three of Iceland’s most popular attractions: Gullfoss waterfall, the spouting hot springs of Geysir and the National Park Thingvellir- site of the Viking parliament and with over 1000 years of history. We will also visit Fridheimar Tomato farm, for a presentation of growing tomatoes using geothermal energy.

For a small supplement there will be a chance to try a homemade soup of fresh Icelandic tomatoes, freshly baked bread, and a local tomato beer.

Price per person:                  Prices available upon request

South Shore excurion, land of Ice & Fire (duration circa 10-11 hrs.)  

This fantastic, guided tour is perfect for nature lovers. You’ll set off on a journey along the beautiful scenic south coast of Iceland, all the way to the village of Vik, situated on one of the most southern points of the island. Here, marvel the spectacular cliffs with birds swooping from their nests. Next up – Skogafoss waterfall on the foothill of stunning glacier, followed by the stop at the famous Reynisfjara black sand beach. Get the cameras ready for the divine Seljalandsfoss waterfall. It will be a great opportunity to head into the cave behind the waterfall for the best shots.

Price per person:                  Prices available upon request

Flyover Iceland         (duration 1 hour) 

It is an experience that can’t be missed. It’s a simulation of flight over Iceland and spectacular visual show combined into one amazing experience. With its great location, situated along the historic harbor in Reykjavík’s popular Grandi Harbour District, it is easy to take a few minutes of walk to arrive for your ‘’flight’’.

  • Exploring Iceland in an exciting virtual flight with full motion seating for a truly realistic flying sensation
  • Wrap-around screen puts you in the middle of the action, feel the wind, scents and a soaring musical score


Price per person:                   Prices available upon request

Whale Watching from Reykjavik, including transfers (duration 2.5 – 3.5 hrs.)

All year around you’ll be able to see a variety of whales by the coast, from the minke, humpback and killer whales to white-beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises and many other aquatic species, and at the same time enjoy the splendid scenery around the coast of Iceland.

The boat is comfortable and warm, and it suits very well for whale watching. It has outdoor viewing platforms and a large indoor saloon with toilet facilities and free Wi-Fi. Those who want to visit the captain are welcome to do so.

In a case you don’t see a whale, you have the option to take the tour again for free.

Price per person:                   Prices available upon request

Icelandic horse riding (1 hour riding + transfers – approx 2 hrs. in total)

Icelandic Horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. They were brought to Iceland long before any of the European breeds. The Icelandic horse, along with only a couple of other rare breeds, represents the closest link we have to the first domesticated horses. Horses were first brought to Iceland by the Vikings who settled the country in the years 874~930. They are famous for their amazing strength, sure-footedness, stamina and endurance.

This tour is about 3-4 miles long, depending on the experience of the riders. It is suitable for beginners and for those with more experience as we can choose between routes in the area. We will either ride on a beautiful and smooth-riding path along the Redhills or, for the more experienced riders, we will select more adventurous paths.

Price per person:                   Prices available upon request

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